Ten years back in the world there have been carried out more scientific research related to the effects of harmful radiation on human health. Since ancient times it has been known that there is a very harmful impact on human health, if their apartments, houses or business premises are located near transmission lines, substations, military radar antennas, railway and tram power cables and the like. The results of the latest scientific research are pointing towards a new major threat, which the dense network of REPEATERS OF MOBILE SIGNALS, which are put up on the houses or in their immediate vicinity are sending. Some German studies indicate that people who live within 500 meters of the REPEATER are particulary health threatend, and are three times more likely to suffer from certain types of cancer than others. They point to the fact that the incidence of developing cancer also increases with the length of exposure. A very interesting, significant story comes from the animal world.

A great manufacturer of honey, a longterm experienced beekeeper from Bjelovar, suddenly found himself in deep trouble, after there has been set up a REPEATER OF MOBILE SIGNALS cca.350 meters from his hive. Almost immediately after installation, there occurred a major problem. The bees have become disoriented, agitated, extremely aggressive. He began to rapidly reduce the number of bee colonies, which have been becoming weaker and weaker, and the production in a year has fallen from 14 tons to 7-8 tons of honey.

After setting up the POZITRON PLUS next to the hive, some incredible phenomena took place – the aggression has been eliminated and an increased community harmony has been achieved, greater productivity of the parent body, a much larger number of healthy young bees, stronger immune system of bees and thus a significant increase in the lifespan of old bees. A more silent change of parent bodies, a reduced swarm instinct, and 30-40% more honey as compared to the period before setting up of repeaters (in process is the third year of monitoring the behavior of bees under the influence of protection, the beekeeper is delighted with the positive effects with the protection of bee colonies, which are stronger than ever, and the REPEATER DOESN'T BOTHER THEM AT ALL – AS IF IT WAS NOT NEAR THEM!

Exactly the same case was with a beekeeper from Bosnia, who had heard stories about some kind of protection, and turned to us for help. But since too much time has passed the repeater has been installed, which was only 100 meters away from his bees, for them it was too late, he ended up without a single hive, in a very short time.
There have been done dozens of experiments on apiaries across Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia, and everywhere appeared very similar results. The first thing that all the beekeepers list is - the special calmness of the colonies (like with humans, there are very positive, stimulating effects on the autonomic neural system of bees...)
We would like to highlight the case of an owner of a large plantation of blueberries and strawberries, who is not engaged in beekeeping and had to get some bees to have better pollination of his plantation. But from the first day he had a big problem with the extreme aggressiveness of bees. Three weeks after setting up a protection, he called in and expressed his appreciation for our assistance – he said that at first he was very skeptical about the effectiveness, and he can not believe how quickly it turned to a positive result. "He says - my bees act as being tamed, I can almost work around them in a bathing suit now, which previously was unthinkable! Unbelievable! "Such are the testimonials in the animal world now on several examples of animal species (chicken farms, pig farms, cattle farms, horses).

As for the INVISIBLE EFFECTS OF THE REPEATERS and all the other sources of harmful radiation, bees are sending us a very clear signal, how strong and harmful unnatural energy is, that we are placed under their influence, and WE CAN NOT SEE IT! THEREFORE it is very important that we do not ignore these signals and facts, but do everything possible to protect ourselves.

Thus, a large confirmation of the strength of the harmfulness of EMR (PATHOGENIC SPECTRUM) as a result of the rapid breakthrough in technology comes to us from the animal world! It is a known fact that the world is facing a major problem - the death of bees! One of the main reasons is the extremely harmful effect of the too excessive electromagnetic radiation (as evidenced with the story of the REPEATER). Thanks too the rapid advancement of technology, we have succeeded after 70 million years of bees existance on the earth, to bring them to the brink of extinction! Thus bees die off rapidly, and all the younger people are getting cancer!

BECAUSE OF THESE IMPACTS THE HUMAN BODY HAS TO SPEND AN ENORMEOUS AMOUNT OF ENERGY DURING THE DAY, TO FIGHT OF EVERYTHING THAT RADIATES WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC VIBRATION AROUND US, AND PENETRATES US WITH ITS FREQUENCY! This HAS NOT BEEN the case only five, ten, or twenty years ago! Now it is clear why people are nervous today, are under much more stress, are more often sick, and why the risk of serious illnesses is now ten times bigger than before!


Certainly the best solution is to place in the middle of your residential or commercial area, a LARGE - POZITRON PLUS, with a radius of action of 20 meters. This way you will protect the complete living space from the majority of the harmful effects of EMR from the outside (REPEATERS, SUBSTATIONS, TRANSMISSION LINES, SATELLITE AND RADAR ANTENNAS, RAILWAY AND TRAM CABLES, NEON STREET LIGHTS).
So you protect the entire life or business premises from the harmful effects of GEOPATHOGENIC RADIATION (radiation from underground water currents, Harman and Curry global network).
With all this, you have made it possible and have revitalized the energy in your residential or business space. The POZITRON PLUS is filling the space with positive frequencies, which affect the harmonious relationships, and you feel more comfortable in the space, are happier, in a better mood and have a more optimistic outlook on life. In such a POSITIVE environment, one feels much better, and the relationships between household members or employees, in protected areas become much more harmonious.




INSTALL POZITRON PLUS (5 m) If you have no possibility of installing a large POZITRON of 20 meters, we recommend you install the SMALL - POZITRON PLUS with a radius action of 5 meters. All features are the same as for the protection of 20 meters. It is ideal for installation in smaller apartments, small offices, living rooms, bedrooms or any space where you spend much time in.