The latest IN PRODUCT, is pocket-sized with a radius action of 3 meters. It represents a multi-purpose NANO - PROTECTION for one person, and literally serves as a new drug against the entire sea of electromagnetic radiation, in which we "swim" every day. The device is small and can be carried in a pocket, purse, bag, backpack and so on. It's always with you, wherever you go.

  1. • it is ideal for every working person, you wear it to work, and place it directly next to you on the desk. This way you protect yourself from ELECTRICAL AND GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS, and around you it creates a revitalized positive energy.
  2. • it is ideal for school pupils and students, they can carry it always with them (in a school bag, backpack, purse, pocket, purse). Since the introduction of wireless technology in education, NANO - TECH product of this kind, will become an indispensable part of protective equipment for the school population. Especially since children are still in the developing stage, so the RISK of health problems is much higher
  3. • it is ideal for frequent travelers (business people, athletes, professional drivers, tourists, etc.)
  4. • it is ideal for almost every person, literally like a new drug for the protection from the entire sea of electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us and in which daily "swim"

Every day we become more aware of the things that are invisible to the naked eye or unnoticable but are not necessarily harmless.

ELECTRIC AND GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS are very often unrecognized and undiagnosed factors, which in fact are the underlying cause of many heavy and light illnesses, including the slow recovery from illness.

The most common causes of ELECTRICAL STRESS are: the radiation from repeaters of mobile signals, GSM and UMTS mobile technology (cell phones), cordless telephones (DECT phone systems), computer equipment, electrical appliances, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems, substations, transmission lines, radar and satellite dishes, electric cables and the like. The most common causes of geopathogenic stress – come from underground water currents, Hartmann and Curry's global network.

    POZITRON PLUS - PERSONAL, besides being an excellent protection from electrical and geopathogenic stress, affects with its frequency spectrum the energy space where you are (revitalizes the energy space), and also has a powerful stimulating effect on the energy vegetative neural system of man. The benefits on this point are as follows:

  1. • it energetically stimulates every organ in the body, and raises the energy of the body
  2. • it enhances the effects of the immune system
  3. • it enhances the effects of the lymphatic system
  4. • it has a very effective calming effect on the body
  5. • it affects dreams to be more quality and calmer
  6. • it gently effects the reducing of pain conditions
  7. • it affects a better metabolism exchange in the cells and improves the detoxification of the body

POZITRON PLUS - PERSONAL is the fruit of year-long experimentation and developmental work on MINI NANO PRODUCTS, and now represents a real revolution in the field of PERSONAL ENERGY PROTECTION. Literally like having a small bag full of incredible personal power, which can now be easily put in your pocket.

With the PERSONAL POZITRON PLUS you have protected yourself from ELECTRICAL AND GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS at home, at work and on the road. It is best to carry it in your pocket, but you can put it in your wallet, purse, backpack... Take it with you on vacations and business trips. Take it with you in the car, so you are protected and fresher on the road. Put it on a desk, next to a computer to neutralize other sources of radiation and their effects, and it eliminates in you fatigue and helps you to be calmer, clearer and to feel better.

Electrical stress today is almost present everywhere. Symptoms of excessive exposure may vary from fatigue, tension, insomnia, low efficiency of the immune system, to severe illness.

  1. • Are you often tired, irritated and everthing seems hard for you?
  2. • Do you have frequent headaches?
  3. • Do you wake up tired?
  4. • Do you suffer from insomnia, and have difficulty falling asleep?
  5. • Are you often stressed, tense and depressed?
  6. • Do you feel as if you have prematurely aged?
  7. • Do you frequent get colds, like the flu or herpes?

    POZITRON PLUS - PERSONAL (multipurpose NANO-PROTECTION in your pocket):

  1. • you sleep much better
  2. • in general, you feel a lot better than before
  3. • you feel to have more energy, you feel more enthusiastic
  4. • you are far less under stress, the periods of tension, and depressive mood are less

    A few practical tips that will further surprise you:

  1. • if you have an injury or sore spot, place your PERSONAL POZITRON to these places several times a day, for fifteen minutes (many people feel his vitalisation)
  2. • If you have frequent headaches, hold the POZITRON directly to the head for ten minutes, or at night sleep with it under your head
  3. • if you have problems with back pain, you can set the POZITRON under the painful area in the bed, and sleep on it all night.