The mobile phone emits radio waves around itself, and the vast majority is absorbed into the human body. A small amount of radio waves is generally considered harmless, however in case of prolonged and frequent exposure, the radio waves can have harmful effects on human health. In this regard, the most dangerous moment of a conversation is making a connection. At that point, the signal that the REPEATER transmits, in order to establish a connection between the two phones is the strongest, and a very strong unnatural energy penetrates deep into the brain. When the connection is established, the radio signal is not as strong any more.

But there is another, yet very aggressive RISK FACTOR. That is the mobile phones battery, which is a very strong source of electromagnetic radiation, when the phone is turned on or off. Thus, the battery of the mobile phone radiates constantly.

Because of the strong battery, there occurs WARMING UP OF BRAIN TISSUE, and it can lead to:

  • • great problems with attention disorder, especially in children and young people
  • • poorer concentration
  • • reduction of memory ability
  • • sleep disorders
  • • premature aging of the brain and neurological disorders
  • • there is a potential risk of developing tumors
    (brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, tumor of cochlea,
    thyroid disorders, and the like.)

The most recent scientific studies indicate that excessive use of mobile phones is a growing HEALTH RISK for humans, because a huge number of people, especially children, check their cell phones on an average of 110 times a day. And also, a large number of adults and children, use the mobile phone as an alarm clock, and during the night it is placed directly besides the bed, next to the head. So we are exposed to the harmful effects day and night, for a long period of time.

Also, more and more scientific and medical research lead up to a direct link of radiation from cell phones, to the infertility of man and woman, and damages of the genetic material - DNA. This increase of infertility among young people in recent years is growing rapidly, and it is brought into direct connection with THE ELECTRICAL STRESS of carrying mobile phones in the pocket, and using tablets and laptops on their laps. We would like to warn you about the remote car keys, which are for the most part kept in your pocket or in your purse right next to the body. They have a powerful battery built in, which in some cases radiates up to five times stronger than the battery of mobile phones. So, the daily, continuous exposure of humans to ELECTRICAL STRESS is nowadays very high.

Placing a protection into your mobile phone, you will neutralize also the harmful effects of the remote car keys.

Possible disorders due to frequent use of mobile phones:

  • • headache
  • • anxiety, irritability, tension
  • • buzzing and ringing in the ears
  • • sweating
  • • hot ears
  • • chronic fatigue


POZITRON PLUS – the MOBILE PHONE is programmed so that it transmits into the space around it (approx. 1 meter) its own, programmed spectrum of frequencies that interfere with the pathogenic spectrum of radio frequencies and the pathogenic spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies of mobile phone batteries, and thus neutralize them in a high percentage (over 90 %). An additional value of NANO - TECH PROTECTION gives a positive, stimulating effect on the vegetative neural system of man, which further strengthens the the body's natural defenses against harmful effects of radiation. POZITRON PLUS - MOBILE PHONE represents a revolutionary NANO - TECH PROTECTION from ELECTRICAL STRESS and the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation (PC, laptop, tablet, electrical appliances...), and so incredibly minimizes their harmful effects on human health.


POZITRON PLUS - MOBILE PHONE is placed between the battery and the cell phone cover. Users of IPhones or other smartphone models (these are mobile phones that you can not open by yourself), should get a protective mask for their device, and insert it between the devices and protective masks. In case you do not want to use a protective mask, go to the first cell phone service, and ask them to install the POZITRON PLUS PROTECTION into the inside of your device (the protection is thin and can be installed in any model of mobile phone). We have designed a very thin protection, in order to place it in any model WITHOUT having to GLUE IT. So the protective card can be kept in tact for a long time, it will not wear out, and when you change mobile phones (tablet, laptop, computer, electrical appliances...) simply install the existing protection in the new device. The lifespan of POZITRON PLUS - MOBILE PHONE is about 5 years. The radius of the protective effect is approx. 1 meter around the mobile phone. We recommend a replacment of the protection after five years of use.

POZITRON PLUS has a PRESTIGIOUS CERTIFICATION OF EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY - and we especially emphasize the medical tests carried out at the SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE OF BION - Institute for bioelectromagnetic and new biology, where its conventional medical diagnostic methods were demonstrated and its strong protective effect on human health


Open the cover and place the POZITRON onto the battery

Close the cover


Place POZITRON on the device

Put a protective mask on