Much like the cell phones, the amount of time the modern man spends using a portable computer (laptop), tablet and desktop computer is growing. They have become an integral part of the equipment for the working and living space, because modern life has become almost unthinkable without the use of the Internet.

Since these devices operate on the basis of strong battery, or are connected to the power circuit, by their continued usage we are also exposed to the risk of ELECTRICAL STRESS. In the workplace, where you spend eight hours a day, there is also a risk of GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS (if you sit at a BAD SPOT). Since their effects in this case are duplicated, one can find himself in a particular bad situation, because in the event of prolonged and continuous exposure, your health is endangered.


We highly recommend that in every LAPTOP, TABLET OR COMPUTER, you install the little protection that covers a radius of 1 meter, similar to the one you use in your cell phone - POZITRON PLUS MOBILE. In this way, you have effectively protected yourself against the harmful effects of these devices, and this is much safer for you, because you have protected your health in the long term. Therefore, we have prepared for you a very affordable – FAMILY POZITRON PLUS kit. We highly recommend, the protection of all mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs that you frequently use.


Since we have spent a lot of money on modern technology and electrical appliances which we are surrounded by, and we will certainly continue to spend without much thinking (because it is quite normal), it is very important to start thinking about the potential risks to our health, that come with them. Therefore, it is now necessary to put a little money aside to protect, and to consider that as an investment in the protection of our personal health and the health of our children, and to secure the use of modern technologies.


We recommend that you install in your residential or business premises POZITRON PLUS with a radius of 5 meter action (multi-purpose protection of a small apartment, bedroom, children's room, living room or small office), or with a radius of 20 meter action (multi-purpose protection of the entire apartment, house, and office space). Thus you have protected the entire living or business premises from the external and internal sources of ELECTRICAL AND GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS. But at the same time you have ensured the revitalization of energy in your area in which you will feel now a lot more comfortable, because POZITRON PLUS fills the space with programmed positive frequencies, which are compatible with physiological frequencies of the human vegetative neural system.