In the last two years we have noticed astonishing results in the animal world, that in the light of all the evidence, certificates and recognitions represent in fact the MOST VALUABLE CROWN EVIDENCE OF EFFICIENCY OF POZITRON PLUS!

In order to PROVE THE ACTUAL EFFECT OF POZITRON PLUS, we placed it in several large pig farms, where the owners were tasked to monitor the behavior of the pigs! The result after 3 months was as follows: Immediately after placing of the POZITRON the pigs become noticeably calmer, and spend a lot more time sleeping. They no longer were biting the tails of each other, their aggression drastically reduced! Pigs under the influence of POZITRON PLUS almost did not have any diarrhea, and they were not sick from common diseases! The small piglets that were born at that time, were developing VISIBLLY faster than usually. After two and a half months they were 30 % heavier than the other group, which was not under the influence of POZITRON!

We also did an EXPERIMENT WITH BEES! When we placed POZITRON IN SEVERAL LARGE APIARY, the first thing we could immediately see for ourselves, was the drastic reduction in agitation of the bees and an noticeable establishment of peace and harmony in the colonies! The noisy buzzing within the vehicle of the apiary has become noticably quieter! Within 10 minutes the bees under the influence of POZITRON calmed down, and the owners showed visible disbelief! When we moved POZITRON 30 METERS AWAY WITH THE HIVE, only in a few minutes the amplified buzzing sound appeared again, and the bees got more nervous! Mainly! Throughout the time, in THE PROTECTED APIARIES, bees have shown a significantly reduced aggression, they behaved calmly, as if they were tame, which the owners have never seen before!

Also, we have placed POZITRON PLUS in several barns with cows! Immediately after installation the cows have become much calmer, it was much easier to milk them, they did ruminate much longer, and gave the impression that they were more satisfied. Not a single cow under the influence of POZITRON, did develop mastitis in three months - ie. inflammation of the udder. The most interesting thing, only after 7 days, each cow gave during milking time about one liter of milk more than before! At the same time, in a few stables four cows were calved! All four calves by the statements of the owner, had a much faster progress, and achieved their fair weight of 250 kg three weeks earlier than usually! All of these are OUTSTANDING PARAMETERS, how positively POZITRON PLUS effects on the CALMING DOWN OF THE VEGETATIVE NEURAL SYSTEM of all living things! Therefore, in the tranquility time we have stronger immunity, are more resistant to developing a variety of mental and physical diseases, and as healthy people, we have a far better quality of life! In all the four small barns where we have placed the POZITRON PLUS, there occured an another very interesting phenomenon!

In every barn there were 5-8 SWALLOW NESTS, something that the owners of the barns have never seen before! The owners would usually have one or two nests, and this they had never experienced before! All of this speaks to the fact that SWALLOWS intuitively look for a POSITIVE AND PEACEFUL PLACE where they can feel safe and comfortable! The POSITIVE ENERGY ENVIRONMENT created by POZITRON PLUS in the room where it was placed, the SWALLOWS have felt intuitively and have settled in such a positive atmosphere to raise their offspring!

These are all VERY IMPORTANT EVIDENCES OF THE EXECELLENT EFFECTIVENESS OF THE PRODUCT, which is coming from the animal world! You can not bribe animals to behave as you would want them to, and that's why THESE RESULTS ARE OUR CROWN PROOF OF THE EXECELLENT EFFECTIVENESS OF POZITRON PLUS! We also have a large number of very credible testimonies of many of our customers, who clearly speak of the positive changes that really happened in their lives, since they used POZITRON PLUS!