Roberta, Zagreb

In the adjacent building, about 400 meters from our apartment, are set repeaters of mobile signals. My children and husband did not pay much attention to that, but for me I was for several months burdened with that situation. This had a bad influence on me in an unexplainable way, it was as if I had a constant "noise" some discomforting buzz and restlessness in the head. Our apartment is also equipped with a lot of technical devices, and all of this caused for me a great discomfort and fear of possible danger to the health of my children and us. After the visit of your excellent representative, whom we received on the recommendation of our godfathers, the situation in our home completely turned around. After setting up of POZITRON PLUS, almost instantly and permanently, the "noise" in my head has completely silenced, the discomfort disappeared and personally I began to feel much more comfortable in the home again. It is amazing that in the last few months since we have your product much less fighting, the tense situations have diminished, the children are calmer, they are learning better, performing better in school, and my husband has also noticed that his stay in the apartment is far more comfortable than before. I'm a lot more relaxed, I have far more willpower and patience with the children and I feel much safer after a long time. In addition to POZITRON for the entire apartment, we have protected all our mobile phones, and can only say THANK YOU for existing.

Zvonimir, Varaždin

I claim to be a normal and realistic person in all matters of life. Since we are five in the house, whether we like it or not, we are surrounded with a lot of technical devices in our home. I also work in an office, and I am surrounded with technology at the workplace. It is similar with my wife and children, as there is no longer a playground they are spending too much time on their tablet, computer and mobile phones. We're trying to reduce that but it is a constant war and it never ends. By reading about the different types of harmful radiation that are coming from modern technologies, our concern for the health and future of our children is a constant one. Frankly, I was very surprised that on our bed, and the bed of one of our children there is harmful radiation of which we were made aware of by your representative. Thanks to your products, we are much less burdened, and despite initial skepticism whether we are throwing our money out the window, we are now satisfied with our situation. Almost everyone in the home feels better, we placed a large POZITRON for the entire residential area. All mobile phones and laptops are protected, so that we are less burdened with the possible consequences on the health of our children. Personaly I was impressed with the PERSONAL POZITRON, that I constantly carry with me, and that I take out of my wallet and put it on my desk at the office. I must admit that I since then I have been a much calmer person, less confrontational and I have a much higher tolerance to stress, and the working results are better. In general I feel much happier and more secure since we use your POZITRONS!

Ana, Zagreb

I am really very happy with your product. I am using the PERSONAL POZITRON which I always carry with me, wherever I go. I am so delighted because I have a lot more energy now than before. I used to have problems with frequent headaches, and since I have the POZITRON, the frequency of my headaches was significantly reduced. At the same time I have become a lot more positive person, I have noticed that some things do not get to me than before, and I deal much easier with pressures at work in general? I'm really pleased with your product and today I would heartily like recommend it to everyone!

Krešo, Zagreb

I have a very demanding and stressful job. I work 12 hours a day, and often have no rest even at weekends. My business is both physically and mentally exhausting. Your product I have placed in my office - POZITRON that covers 5 meters, and I have protected my cell phone and laptop computer, because I am so attached to them. Since I am a skeptic by nature, and do not trust anybody, I did not expect much from this product. I purchased it just because I do not have the time to wait at the doctors. On your web page I have studied all the certificates and evidences, and in recent months I have felt very bad, I became very forgetful, chronically exhausted, tired, tortured by indigestion and insomnia. I do not even now understand how, but I testify that positive changes occurred very quickly and I have to admit that most of my problems have significantly soothed. I feel better, I'm less stressed, my concentration is better, but I was surprised that my watery stools almost immediately quit occuring. There you go, that is my experience!

Adelina , Zagreb

I had big problems with talking over the mobile phone. After only a minute, headaches began, and I could not speak more than a few minutes, because it was ringing, pounding and drumming in my head. After placing the POZITRON in my cell phone, almost immediately, the situation changed. I now talk for half an hour without any trouble or a break. Thanks to the positive experience we bought a large POZITRON for the entire apartment, and we are noticing that we have become much better with each other, there is less anxiety, tension and what is most interesting, we feel as if we have more energy. My children have protected cell phones now, and we feel therefore much better and safer. We recommend it to everyone.

Marko, Krapina

I'm thrilled with the products. First I protected my cell phone and laptop. I do not feel anymore such rapid exhaustion using a laptop like I did before, no more sore arms and my headaches are occurring much less frequently. I additionaly bought POZITRON for the bedroom. I sleep much better, and in the morning I wake up rested. I have a feeling that my every day is now happier and more fulfilling, because I feel better! I only regret that I did not discover POZITRON much earlier. I recommend it with pleasure.

Marija , Varaždin

I felt better immediately after installing the GREAT POZITRON in our house. I do not have tensions in my head anymore, and the noise and buzzing have disappeared. This is certainly an amazing experience, which I have to share with everyone, because for years I had problems. I have a very good and forthcoming doctor, but I think I drove her mad with my noise and buzzing in my head. I had difficulty falling asleep and now I fall asleep much faster and sleep all through the night. In the morning I am sharp and full of energy as opposed to before. Now I am incredibly glad that I accidentally visited your web page, where you got my curiosity that I have to try out some new solutions. Finally a good feeling! Thank you!

Ana Marija , Zaprešić

Our daughter is now seven years old. From the age of three she has had problems with allergic skin changes, and occasional breathing problems, which occur several times a year. She is sensitive and ailsome and we have the feeling that she catches every flu. We had her tested for allergies, and established that she has allergies to a lot of different substances. She recieved all the prescribed medication, we keep regular track of the regular use of pills and pumps, but we have not noticed that things have significantly changed for the better. We got a recommendation for a private doctor, who does special diagnostics with bioresonance. To our dismay, the findings pointed to a plethora of electromagnetic radiation in her body. This did not make any sense, because we are one of the parents who are pressing to spend time in nature, and very strictly control the use of computers and mobile phones. The doctor mentioned that we should try to obtain POZITRON PLUS and gave us the contact number of your representative. When the gentleman visited us, one of the first questions he asked was – if there was a repeater on one of the neighboring buildings? And as a fact there was a repeater installed on a neighboring building, and then everything made sense. We protected the entire apartment with a POZITRON of 20 meters protection. After a month, we repeated the bioresonance test, and to our great surprise the plethora of organisms due the electromagnetic radiation no longer existed. We also noted the many positive changes that you mention on your web page. We are immensely satisfied and really recommend you to everyone that we come into contact with. Thank you!

Alenka, Rijeka

My sister gave me a POZITRON for my birthday, because of my long-standing disease. Due to the illness I have become a very introvert person, I have no mood for going out, I am constantly tired, I have no energy, I have frequent back pain and for years I have been very depressed. After three months of using pozitron, I have no words to describe the number of positive changes that I noticed in myself and so has everyone around me has noticed a number of positive changes. My illness is still present, I'm not cured, but somehow I have a lot more energy and strength to fight. The optimism and will for living have come back. And that for me is the greatest gift.

Ivana , Pula

I am a young person, I am 22 and I'm a student, who for the last two years failed to enroll their last year of study. I have permanent health problems, I catch every cold, my nose is constantly clogged, I have trouble breathing, and thyroid problems have begun, a tightness around the heart, sweating, pressure in the chest, and I am constantly nervous and tired. I could sleep for days and not wake up. I am fed up with my failures and unfulfilled emotional and professional life. For months I have been barely functioning, and a lot of times I think that nothing makes sense anymore. By coincidence, I had the opportunity by one of your professional staff members in your company, to test my organisms energy. The values of my energy flow obtained at the first measurement, were that of an 80 year old person. For a month I was wearing the PERSONAL POZITRON everywhere with me, and I spoke with a protected mobile phone. When I had the energy flow checked after a month, all values were almost 50% higher and within the reference range. My life has literally turned in a positive way. I sleep great, I feel life's energy, I am far less depressed, I am enthusiastic and full of optimism, and the changes in me are noticed just by everyone who knows me. Even the studies have taken off, I concentrate much easier and I am determined to pass the exam that I got stuck on. I can not believe that this little thing can trigger so much positive energy.

Edi, Split

I am a professional driver. I am often on the road. In the last few years, I felt the fatigue set in after only a few hours of driving, which in the younger years was not the case. I have frequent problems with the spine, and sleeping is a particular problem for me. I have a hard time falling asleep and often wake up during the night and can not go back to sleep again. Upon the recommendation of a fellow driver, I decided to purchase POZITRON for my car, and a smaller one for my cell phone. My experience is very good, and the positive changes I felt very quickly. The protection is with me on every trip, my concentration while driving has increased significantly, I feel like I have more energy, and even the back pains are less frequently and occur only sporadicaly. I personally recommend it to everyone, because there really is something about it.

Stjepan, Trnovec

For over a year I had a big problem with herpes on the left eye. In addition I was constantly tormented by the cold, and every so often I sniffed and coughed. Mostly I was tired, felt exhausted, and did not do anything because I am in retirement. During the day I am tired and at night I wake up and I can not fall asleep. Almost every three weeks I had to go for a check up because of my eye deterioration. I used several eye drops for the eye – for a while it would calm down, and then a couple of weeks later again it would get worse again. I can not tell you how exhausting of a situation that is. On the recommendation of my doctor, we made a test of energy flow through my organism. It had a very low value on almost all parameters. I decided to try POZITRON, because I read that in addition to the protection from radiation, it would intensly raise the energy of all the organs in the body with the help of programmed frequency. After a month I stopped using eye drops, the herpes on the eye has completely gone, and I feel better than ever. It's been six months, and the herpes has not appeared again. For me that is enough to share my experience with everyone!

Lidija, Karlovac

I had big problems with vaginal herpes, which I have been treating now for years. I had stages of remission, but then again problems. After the testing of my inner energy, of all the household members, only I had a very low value. On my side of the bed Ms. Gordana detected a harmful knot and underground water currents. She said that the bad spot where I was sleeping was the cause of all the problems I was having. I decided to set up your MEDI PUR - medical treatment on my bed, and I took the PERSONAL POZITRON that she recommended to carry with me at all times. I have felt the positive changes very quickly. I wanted to test the energy flow again after three weeks. All the values were evidently higher, almost within the normal range. I feel much better, in the meantime, we have protect all our phones and the whole house with POZITRON. It's been nine months now, and my big problem with vaginal herpes has not yet come back. If this was not my personal experience, I would be a little skeptical, but since this is a boost of the organisms energy, the thing is very logical. I recommend it to everyone!

Zdravko, Čakovec

I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I went through chemo-therapy and radiation. A very exhaustive struggle, toiled wtih depression, pain and lack of energy. A person in such a situation often falls into depression, withdraws himself, there is no will nor the energy for daily activities. Nausea, chronic fatigue and insomnia are your everyday life. I would buy a variety of mushroom products, vitamins, and thought about alternative ways of help. Then I got the information about POZITRON! I invited your representative to first test the energy flow in my organism. The normal flow rates ranged between 55 and 70 microamps, the value flow through my lungs was barely 5. Neither were the other organs in much better shape, the values were between 20 and 30. Since my bed was in a very bad place, I was recommend to protect my entire apartment. The great POZITRON of 20 meters was set up in the middle of the apartment and the PERSONAL POZITRON I carry in my wallet with me everywhere, even in bed. After two months my energy flow in the lungs is between 30 and 40, and all other organs have been raised between 40 and 55. I am not cured of cancer, and I still regularly go to specialists for check ups, which whom I have shared my experience. Even my family doctor has noticed big changes for the better, he said that my face had no longer gray complexion and he said that there is more life in me. My energy has been restored, I have a more optimistic oulook on life than I used to have, and I have a stronger desire and strength to fight cancer as long as it takes. Thanks for your help!

Renata, Zagreb

I am very pleased with POZITRON. I'm 39 years old. My husband and I were not able to have children. In the last 10 years we went through painstaking treatment of artificial insemination, but it just did not work. We got used to the hopeless situation, and we have not tried anything else. We did not order POZITRON in order to get a child, but now I think that it was just that product that played the key role. Upon the recommendation of a colleague from work I accepted the visit of your representative. We got tested for the energy flow through our bodies, and my results were quite low. At the same time we had our place of sleep checked, and on my side of the bed the Hartmann's knot was found. We ordered MEDI PUR – the MEDICAL TREATMENT and thus protected our queen size bed, and my husband and I were carrying from that day on 24 hours the PERSONAL POZITRON. I will not even start talking about your therapy and the awakened activities in our lives. We have both sensed a new energy, and commented how we felt somehow fresher, and sharper. I placed POZITRON on the table at work and when I had to wait somewhere in line, or sit I would hold that small little thing in my hand. At work I got more positive and productive, and every now and then someone would say to me - what is it with you, you seem to have gotten younger and more cheerful. After eight months I spontaneously got pregnant - the natural way. It just happened. When I think about the flow of our energy, and all the things around us that disrupt that energy, I dare say that POZITRON played a key role in the realization of my motherhood. I do not know if it's coincidence, but since we started using your THERAPY MEDI PUR and have had your POZITRON, our life long-desire has become a reality. I recommend it to everyone.

Marijana, Zagreb

Thank you for your presentation and help in the decision to buy POZITRON. At first, I was a little skeptical, but all my doubts disappeared only after two days. I do not have any more trouble sleeping despite the repeaters around me. For two days now, I have not been using sleeping pills. Once again thank you and I wish you a lot of success in your work.

Ivana, Krapina

Hereby we would like to thank for POZITRON and confirm that in our case there have been changes. In fact, since we have had a pozitron, our child sleeps more peacefully, it does not turn and wake up, which was not the case before. No matter what diapers I bought, the baby would wake up wet. This has completely changed now. Also I have noticed that I sleep much better, and that my husband does not wake at night. And other family members have confirmed that there are positive changes and that it has a positive effect on us.

Martina, Velika Gorica

Because of everyday stress at work, as in everyday life, I started to feel bad (that is sad since I am 29 years old and have a beautiful son, whom I should be enjoying). Depression, lack of energy, constant dissatisfaction, tension, rapid heart beat, feeling of numbness in my left hand, nervousness, and a little more aggressive attitude towards others, this I was made aware of more and more by my loved ones – calm down or you'll get sick. My colleague brought to work POZITRON, and she did not say anything special about it, in a nutshell, she put it on the window and said - let's go to work. From that point on I did not feel any burden that I have mentioned above. I had such calmness and easeness that I had not felt for a long time. The next day my colleague told me (and I quote): "Martina, have you noticed that you have been very quiet lately?" I did, and then she explained everything to me. I would not have believed it if I had not felt it myself and I can warmly recommend it to everyone, whose objective it is to lead a quality and healthy life. I do not go anywhere without it, and I have one at home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lada, Zagreb

Ms. Gordana came at the recommendation of my friend. At the beginning I was naturely skeptical, but I'm willing to try new things, if the person I am talking is serious and seems to understand the issue. I took a POZITRON and a few days later I noticed that I felt calmer and more relaxed. I work at an extremely stressful job and this affects the quality of my sleep, so I often suffer from long-term insomnia (for several months), but lately I have been sleeping like a baby, although stress at work did not diminish. To my friends or relatives with health problems, I recommend that they consider POZITRON, because I believe it can help them.

Mateja, Zagreb

I'm 17. Before using pozitron I did not sleep well, I would often wake up and the get up tired. After I got pozitron, I sleep better, I do not wake up more at night and when I wake up I feel rested. I do not turn around much in bed and sleep better at night. I'm happy I got the pozitron.

Andreja, Zagreb

My name is Andrea. I am 44 years old, and have two daughters. For eight years we have been in this condition with my younger daughter who is 15 years, who often has severe headaches. These headaches have medically no foundation. We were visited by Ms.Gordana which explained to us the potential impact of harmful radiation on our health, and at my request, offered pozitron plus as a solution and a crystall-therapeutic pillow. Since then pretty things began happening. The younger daughter quit having headaches, and I sleep much better at night since I have the pillow. My mother stayed with me for 2 weeks and pozitron works on her as well, we have not once quarreled, and my life energy has returned, which I thought I had lost.

Natalija, Samobor

We live in Samobor, my husband, three children and I. We had various ailments, my daughter was turning in bed at night, the younger son was constantly restless and rebellious. The older son is at university and he needs a good night's sleep, and the room has a lot of technical devices. My husband is on the road for days and when he comes home he is constantly tired and exhausted, and we both feel lack of energy. Since we have decided to use "Pozitron plus", there have been positive changes. The daughter sleeps much more peaceful now and does not turn in bed. The younger son is also much calmer (less active) and more ready to cooperate. The older one has better night's sleep and is much more rested in the morning. And my husband and I? My husband unlike before gets up rested and gets up even earlier than before we started using the pozitron. Now he is full of energy, he has got desire. I'm also a lot calmer, more flexible and some things are not as difficult as before. Many thanks to POZITRON, for experiencing pretty positive changes!

Melita, Kutina

Dear! I am writing to you after the visit of your outstanding representative Ms. Ana and thank you for the educational counseling. I must admit that the lecture has encouraged me to think, probably like many others whose homes were visited by your representatives. In just one hour I realized everything I did wrong in the last 10 years with my sons. In fact, I am a mother of two boys ages 12 and 6. I have „jamed“ their rooms with TV, computer, laptop, video recorder, DVD player, Play Station.... In addition to that we have two satellite dishes, three cell phones, an ADSL connection device and many other necessary and unnecessary devices. I knew about the harmful radiations, but I did not know how to protect my children. We would spent time in nature, build a tree house, buy bicyles, but they were still eager to get back in their own four walls only to indulge in games, television.... I thought to myself after I saw the amount of bills for mobile phone and Internet, and realized that we have the money for all that, but no money to invest in our health. I singled out just the amount of our monthly obligations we spend on cell phones and bought a pozitron against harmful radiation. I hope that this is only my first step of investment towards our health and that my children will grow up happy and healthy. Thank you for existing!