People are today more than ever aware of their health. But unfortunately, there are some natural and artificial RISK FACTORS, which can very harmfully affect the human immune - defense system, and we can not control them (ELECTROMAGNETIC AND GEO-PATHOGENIC RADIATION from our immediate environment).

These are the pathological radiations passing through our houses, apartments and business premises, and affect the polarity of our cells, changing our natural biorhythm and causing the SICK BUILDING SYNDROME. The impact on human health can be quite a dramatic one - from insomnia, irritability, headaches and increased fatigue, to serious physical and mental illnesses.

Worldwide there are currently about 5 billion mobile phones, which in order to function, require a pulsic vibration of high frequency. Therefore, a dense network of REPEATERS of MOBILE SIGNALS is installed, which is densest in populated areas. On one hand, we all want to have the impeccable service of high-quality mobile signals, and we do not like to have REPEATERS installed on our neighboring residential or commercial buildings. Hence, this is a small proof of the fact that we live in a modern age of wireless technology, and besides buying the latest technology that helps us in our daily life, we MUST BEGIN TO THINK ABOUT THE RISKS OF WHAT THAT ALL ENTAILS. Therefore, it is very important to think well about how to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of modern technologies.

To illustrate, in 2000, there were around the world only 500 million mobile phone users and 250 million Internet users globally. In the last five years, fixed telephone lines are in an extreme decline. So that today there are already over 5 billion mobile phone users, compared to 1.2 billion fixed lines.

Many scientific and medical studies confirm the negative effect of high frequency mobile phone radiation on the human body, and a growing number of doctors are warning against the danger of cell phone usage.

The fact is that every person does not feel the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (especially children), but it is extremely important to become aware of the RISKS, and effectively protect ourselves and our children. Children represent a very PARTICULAR RISK CATEGORY, given that their body (especially the brain) is still in development, and is therefore far more sensitive to external influences. Children today are a HIGH-RISK GROUP and because modern technology has been introduced into schools, they are under the double impact, since they are exposed to wireless technology above an average percent at home. In regard to this the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION IS WARNING that any new technology must be stronger monitored, because there are indications that in addition to infertility and cancer diseases, in the future there are possible genetic changes due to excessive exposure.


Our wide range palette of PROTECTIVE NANO - TECH PRODUCTS, in a high percentage neutralizes the harmful effects of GEOPATHOGENIC AND ELECTRICAL STRESS, and also with the help of precisely programmed frequencies revitalizes your living or business premises. So with the positive stimulation of your VEGETATIVE NEURAL SYSTEM, your body energy is raised and makes you more resistant to many diseases.

Therefore, in this modern age of digital and wireless technologies, POZITRON PLUS is extremely necessary, affordable and a practical product, which is a very cost-effective environmental investment, that is recommended for the health benefit of yourselves and your children.


By studying human health, everything is reduced to a simple fact - a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM is the best protection against the vast majority of diseases.

We can put together a short list: radiation, the consumption of sprayed, overly sweet, greasy food full of preservatives, alcohol, cigarettes, antibiotics, medications, chemotherapy, X-ray radiation, exhaust fumes of cars, beauty products, stressful situations and the like.

If you think consciously for a moment, you can avoid a lot of things from this list, but RADIATION IS INEVITABLE. Whether we like it or not, today we are overly exposed to these invisible sources of pollution from electrical devices and wireless technologies that surround us. We are literally IMMERSED IN A POOL of electromagnetic radiation. To this we add the geo-pathogenic radiation (underground water currents, etc.), which additionallay pressures our immune system at night.

Modern technology without doubt, is very useful in our lives and allows us a more convenient and better quality of life, but because of it our immune system is too damaged. Therefore, today more than ever, there is a great need to help our body deal more easily with such strong energy stealers.


Therefore, our task is to expand the awareness of people of our modern time, and stimulate them to think about the HARMFUL STEALERS OF HUMAN ENERGY.

Our NANO-TECH PRODUCT with its programmed frequencies intensively raises the energy of the human and animal body, and in a high percentage neutralizes the pathogenic electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation.


The impact of our NANO -TECH PRODUCT to help in strengthening the immune system is THREEFOLD:

  1. The programmed, positive spectrum of frequencies of POZITRON PLUS INTERFERES with the pathogenic spectrum of electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation, to a large degree neutralizes and thus has far less pressure on the immune system. Therefore, our bodies and organ systems DO NOT HAVE TO spend a lot of energy, which they are otherwise forced to spend on the defense against harmful influences from the outside.


    more inside energy = STRONGER IMMUNITY

  3. POZITRON PLUS with its programmed spectrum of frequencies, effects in a very stimulating way the VEGETATIVE NEURAL SYSTEM (he manages all of our internal organs and is not under the control of the human will). These are related frequencies that stimulate our bodies to work in a healthy, physiological frequency, and such stimulation makes it possible to lift the body's power.


    stronger inside ENERGY = STRONGER IMMUNITY = better mental – physical condition of organism

  5. POZITRON PLUS – with an exact programmed spectrum of frequencies, effects in a very positive way the LIFE'S OR THE OFFICE'S ENERGY. With the interference, neutralizes the whole spectrum of negative energy in our immediate vicinity, and fills the space with POSITIVE FREQUENCIES. So it REVITALIZES the SPACES ENERGY, and makes it a far more enjoyable place to stay.


better room energy = greater organisms energy = STRONGER IMMUNITY