How can we be sure that POZITRON PLUS really protects?

From the prototype to the placement of the product on the market, it's been 15 years. The last six years, the product has been tested on several hundred families and work organizations. 85% of them in the first three months of use, have confirmed that positive effects definitely existed.

At the same time, we have conducted independent testings in several EU countries, with a few dozen professional therapists, who are professionally engaged in complementary medicine. We have sent to each one 4 samples of the product, and after three months of testing we got their assessment. The results of their research: the majority expressed a positive surprise, claiming that the product provides excellent results, and that they have never come across such an effective product.

To be fully credible, we have invested a lot of money into the official evidence of efficiency of POZITRON PLUS, and received firm certificates, decisions and the certificate of high efficinecy of the product.

The product was sent to be tested via PIP camera, in the lab of the world famous scientist Mr. Harry Oldfield in London. Mr. Oldfield was obvioously surprised by the quality and speed of the products performance.

We have sent the product for official testing to the CROATIAN ASSOCIATION FOR NATURAL AND MEDICAL ENERGY. We received a decision and certificate, with an emphasis above average of high protective efficiency (over 90%).

We have sent the product for scientific testing, to the RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR BIO-ELECTROMAGNETIC AND NEW BIOLOGY. For the purpose of SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of the effectiveness of the product, many classical medical diagnostic methods were used, with a larger number of patients. We have obtained the CERTIFICATE OF PROTECTIVE INFLUENCE on human health, which is credible in the medical circles, and the scientific circles, and in case of necessity, stands the court of evidence of the effectiveness of POZITRON PLUS.

In the last two and a half years we have done dozens of testings of the protective effects on wildlife. We have records of incredible POSITIVE RESULTS OF PROTECTIVE INFLUENCE, which of all the evidence, certificates, solutions and recognitions, represent the MOST CRUCIAL EVIDENCE OF THE EFFICIENCY OF POZITRON PLUS. Herewith we got an answer for many skeptics who are prone to thinking - " they surely must have bribed someone to get the certificates... "

Animals you can not bribe to behave as we would want them to. Therefore, the results obtained from the animal world are our CROWN PROOF OF EXCELLENT EFFECIENCY OF POZITRON PLUS.

With all of the above mentioned, the product has won gold, silver and bronze medals, diplomas and awards at INNOVATION FAIRS across Europe. Particularly interesting is the FIRST PLACE, GOLD MEDAL, DIPLOMA AND SPECIAL RECOGNITION OF THE JURY OF EXPERTS at the innovation fair in BRUSSELS (Belgium) and GOLD MEDAL, DIPLOMA AND AWARD at the Innovation Fair Inova - Zagreb, at the end of 2013. Also, it has won the GOLDEN STATUE AWARD OF THE ANGEL WITH OUTSPREAD WINGS – the main prestigious award of the French innovators, the CRYSTAL GLOBE with the recognition and certificate - a prestigious award of the Polish innovators, from the innovation fair in Nuremberg (Germany) and the GOLDEN MASK with a certificate and a special award of the innovators' associations of Macedonia.

As you can see, we have invested a lot of effort, time and money, to prove that the POZITRON PLUS is an above average functional product, and with all that has been described, it can get your complete trust.

Have we not believed ourselves in the product, we would have never invested so much money and time, into a year-long development and perfectioning of POZITRON PLUS. Most of all we are proud of the fact that POZITRON PLUS – is an ORIGINAL CROATIAN PRODUCT, with the production in Zagreb, and by its very existence and placement on the Croatian market and other markets around the world, is making a major contribution to the CROATIAN ECONOMY.

Therefore, we urge you, when you are choosing protection, support the ORIGINAL CROATIAN PRODUCT, because that way together we give a great contribution to the common well-being.

Can the efficiency of POZITRON PLUS be proven by instruments?

POZITRON PLUS works on the principle of INTERFERANCE with the pathogenic (harmful) spectrum of frequencies within the electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation. In this way, within the radius of its functioning, neutralizes the pathogen spectrum of frequencies, which are harmful to human and animal organisms. Harmful effects means that the organism under the influence of these frequencies must spend too much energy to naturally defend itself from the same. Thus, under the constant influence of unnatural frequencies, the body is forced to spend a large amount of its energy, and over time, the organism can bulid up an energy deficit (lack of energy).

When we have less energy, our immune system is weakened, we are more sensitive, more often get sick and we become more susceptible to many health disorders. So POZITRON PLUS does not block neither electromagnetic nor geopathogenic radiation, but INTERFERES DIRECTLY WITH THE PATHOGEN SPECTRUM OF FREQUENCIES within them, and SO WITH A HIGH PERCENTAGE NEUTRALIZES THEIR PATHOGEN IMPACT ON HUMAN HEALTH.

Today THERE IS STILL NO device or instrument that can detect, which PATHOGEN SPECTRUM it is, within the electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation.

There are modern devices and instruments - analyzers, which you can buy in Croatia, with which one can measure the STRENGTH AND QUANTITY of electromagnetic radiation. However, these devices DO NOT MEASURE THE PATHOGENICITY, but measure the STRENGTH AND THE AMOUNT of electromagnetic radiation. The most commonly used devices are from the companies GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS AND AARONIA AG. They are easy to use, and even laypeople can reliably check the INTENSITY AND THE AMOUNT OF EMR RADIATION.

These devices can register electric and magnetic alternating fields, network currents of tram and train lines, detect the intensity and the amount of the repeaters radiation of mobitele signals in the apartment, the strength of the radiation of satellite dishes, detect the network of electricity from substations, transmission lines and the like.

They can detect the most common sources of radiation in the everyday environment - outlet circuits in the walls, cables, detect the intensity and amount of the radiation of household appliances - TV, radio, microwave, computers, cell phones and the like.

The POZITRON PLUS is not a product that physically blocks the electromagnetic or geopathogenic radiation. It is PROGRAMMED in such a way that it transmits into the space an entire spectrum of desired frequencies, which NEUTRALIZE THE PATHOGENIC FREQUENCIES within the electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation, on the principle of INTERFERENCE.


THE PROTECTIVE EFFECT OF POZITRON PLUS, has been proven and described by scientific research, in its testing efficiency and the excellent results in the animal world. Also, there is a great number of very credible testimonies of our many customers, who clearly speak of the POSITIVE CHANGES that really happened in their lives, since they have been using POZITRON PLUS.

Well, if you have the opportunity to do testing with such devices, you'll get an even clearer picture of the actual value of POZITRON PLUS! If such an instrument reads a large amount of EMR in your home, it also means that the PATHOGEN SPECTRUM of radiation is quite big. And since you know the working principle of POZITRON PLUS, this is for you an even greater confirmation that you have made for yourself and your family an INVALUABLE BENEFIT, because you have neutralized the harmful frequencies, which are found within the large measured amounts of electric and magnetic alternating fields.

It is important not to fall for the malicious information that you are not protected with POZITRON PLUS, and that the product is not worth anything (there are products that do block electromagnetic radiation, and with such an instrument one can show how strongly the power of electromagnetic radiation reduces itself, but these products work on an entirely different principle, and do not have such a sophisticated width, as POZITRON PLUS). Such an instrument only proves that you are truly surrounded by strong electric and magnetic fields. You can not escape them, but a large part of the radiation is not harmful to human health. If everything that surrounds us and penetrates us with their frequencies is so harmful, all of us would quickly suffer, and not many of us would be left.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the great value of POZITRON PLUS, is just in the NEUTRALIZATION OF PATHOGENIC FREQUENCY SPECTRUM, which we have neutralized with a programmed spectrum, and are aiming to affect only that part. So we are not blocking the operation of the device and the technologies around us, all the appliances and technical devices work without any interference, and the POZITRON PLUS is substantially reducing their harmful effects on human health.

For the detection of GEOPATHOGENIC RADIATION (underground water currents, Hartmann's knot, Curry’s knot) at the places of sleeping, we are using the GENIUS instrument. It is an electronic - L antenna, by which you can detect harmful lines and knots. With this unit ONE CAN NOT MEASURE the neutralization of pathogenic spectrum of geopathogenic radiation in POZITRON PLUS, but it is detected whether there are, or there are no GEOPATHOGENIC LINES AND KNOTS at your sleeping place. POZITRON PLUS does not block geopathogenic radiation, but allows the neutralization of pathogenic spectrum within these radiations. So, DESPITE THE SET UP OF POSITRON PLUS, the lines and knots are still present at your sleeping place, the GENIUS DEVICE will find and detect them. BUT THANKS TO THE SET UP POZITRON PLUS, THEIR PATHOGENIC EFFECT ON HUMAN HEALTH IS NEUTRALIZED, IN HIGH PERCENTAGE (over 90 %), and therefore the detrimental effect on your health is almost completely neutralized in the long-term.

IN CONCLUSION - THERE IS NO DEVICE WITH WHICH YOU CAN MEASURE THE PROTECTIVE EFFECT OF POZITRON PLUS, in terms of protection against pathogenic frequency spectrum of electromagnetic and geopathogic radiation!

But POZITRON PLUS apart from the above mentioned, fills the space programmed with the positive frequency spectrum, which very positively effects on the VEGETATIVE NEURAL SYSTEM OF MAN, and encourages him to raise the energy of the organism.

Increasing the organisms energy is measurable with the help of ELECTRICAL - ACUPUNCTURE, and can be scanned with the help of the modern German instrument (EAV dr. Voll), which was designed by the famous physician dr. Reinhard Voll.

Each one of you can REQUEST A TESTING OF YOUR INTERNAL ENERGY, and so we can demonstrate a very clear effect of POZITRON PLUS, which rises with the help of its frequencies the energy all of your organs and organic systems. Thus, under the influence of POZITRON PLUS, intensely strengthens your IMMUNITY, and you are becoming energetically stronger and more resistant to various diseases and sick situations.

On what principle does POZITRON PLUS work?

POZITRON PLUS is a versatile, innovative NANO - TECH PRODUCT.


It is made up of 6 types of specially prepared and processed cellulosic materials a technique used for creating thin films of superior characteristics. This is the first phase of production, where in every POZITRON there is first of all, an ultra-high precision positioning of 40 points, which then are prepared and defined for further processing.

In the second phase, through the sophisticated NANO - TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS, in each of the 40 points are implemented the programmes information. This is can be compared with the storage of data on a microchip.

This way the original material completely changes the molecular structure, and the newly created material, in the space around itself emits its own electromagnetic spectrum of positive frequencies, to which it is programmed.

Each POZITRON PLUS in fact functions as a SMALL TRANSMITTER PROGRAMMED WITH THE EXACT, DESIRED SIGNAL, which is not bound by electrical sources, nor has nothing to do with magnets. So, POZITRON emitts into space a whole spectrum of positive electromagnetic vibrations, and they are transferred to the organism by so-called - INFORMATION OF THE RESONANCE ENERGY (IRE), and thus align themselves with the frequencies of the body.

Every man also has its own electromagnetic potential, and our body vibrates in harmony with its own frequency. The natural physiological frequencies of our organs and organic systems, react to the stimuli of electromagnetic frequencies in our environment. The negative frequencies cause an imbalance in the cell. The natural biological processes, are thrown off balance, and as a result there is STRESS of the ORGANISM. The PSYCHO- PHYSICAL BALANCE of man is undermined, and thus a solid foundation for the development of specific physical and psychosomatic illnesses is created.

POZITRON PLUS, neutralizes the negative frequencies of electromagnetic fields, by broadcasting an entire spectrum of positive frequencies. By INTERFERENCE, negative frequencies are aligned with the frequencies of the human body, and so the stress of the body is eliminated.

Thanks thereof, place POZITRON PLUS in space that you want to protect, and he will be the physical principle of INTERFERENCE, wuich by HIGH PERCENTAGE NEUTRALIZES THE PATHOGENICITY OF THE BROAD SPECTRUM OF HARMFUL RADIATION AND WILL FILL THE LIVING OR WORKING SPACE WITH POSITIVE ENERGY! That positiveness can often be felt in the space! The excellent and fast effect of POZITRON PLUS can be proven to each of you, with the help of precise instruments, by whose help the ENERGY FLOW IS TESTED that of your organs and system. A very interesting testing is made, and the values obtained before the impact of POZITRON PLUS are printed!

Then you hold the POZITRON and a check-up testing for 10 to 15 minutes is done. Once again the newly created value is noted down, and is compared with the initial values.

So in just 15 minutes, you get a very credible evidence that POZITRON PLUS indeed instantly begins with its positive impact on your organism. And that has been proven by all official testings of the product, the results of which you can study in detail on our web site.

Will the device with time weaken in its efficiency?

It will not! POZITRON PLUS - MOBILE, which serves to protect the cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, microwave and all other electrical devices, is recommended to be replaced after five years. The other models of POZITRON PLUS are produced in such a way to last a lifetime, and their performance remains consistently high.

How much time is necessary before the device starts to function?

POZITRON PLUS will begin working immediately upon installation. The space in which you set it, from the time of placement the area is protected within a radius of action of the model that you set.

If any of the housemembers have already developed health problems caused by pathogenic radiation, the normalization process usually takes up from two to three months.

Also, the process of filling the space with positive energy, is very individual. Most of the people can feel the positive impact on themselves and their relationships, already within seven to fourteen days.

However, in severe cases, it can take even longer, because the bad energy has persisted in the area for a long time, and are stored in the space like a battery full of negative energy. So it takes a period of time (a month or two), that the positive energy vibrations permanently fill the space, and replace and clean up the bad energy in the area.

Which differences can be expected immediately?

Most people state that in the first few days they already feel calmer, they notice that the stay in the room is more comfortable, the inter relationships are better and some of the medical conditions become soother, they occur less frequently or are less intense.

In others there is a gradual improvement. Week in week out they feel a better revitalization of the area, and a large part of health disorders, improves within two months.

Which advantages do POZITRON PLUS users list?


  • - much better sleep and night's rest, you are rested after a night's sleep
  • - you feel you have more energy, feel better
  • - you become mentally sharper
  • - a significant increase of resistance to many diseases
  • - less likely to suffer from past illnesses
  • - faster and better respondance to the treatment process
  • - a greater ability to recover from chronical diseases
  • - you become calmer, the hyperactivity weakens
  • - feel greater harmony in family relationships
  • - significantly lessens tension, aggression and bad moods in the business environment

IMPORTANT: POZITRON PLUS is not a substitution for necessary medical treatment, diagnostics and medicine. It is of utter importance, for you to continue your regular check ups and to be counseled by your FAMILY PHYSICIAN, about all of your health problems, therapy and similar, this you may NEVER IGNORE OR CANCEL!!!

How can I query that harmful radiation is influencing me?

If you are under constant influence – over the months, years... gradually the harmful effects of GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS AND ELECTRICAL STRESS can lead to progressive deterioration of the health status of individuals who are exposed to such stress.


If you find yourself in any of the following cases, with the help of POZIRON PLUS you can just in a few months up to a year of use, significantly improve your personal situation:

Do you often wake up tired or suffering from insomnia? Or you can not fall asleep or fall asleep briefly and then wake up again, but have difficulty falling asleep again. You feel like you are worn out. The most common cause of such condition is GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS. If you take into consideration that the average person spends a third of his life in bed, you will quickly realize how important it is to feel well and protected in your home.

Tired, irritated and everything is to hard to do? Have you heard of the sick syndrome in buildings? There can be many reasons, but for the most part the main reasons lie in the ELECTRICAL STRESS AND GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS. Do you often have the cold, often have a fever blister, or often suffer from similar health disorders? Is there great tension among colleagues at work and is there a lack of concentration on the job?

Frequent headaches? GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS AND ELECTRICAL STRESS are the most common causes of headaches, because you have been too much time exposed to pathological energies in your immediate environment.

Are you often in a sad mood, sensitive or depressed? One day you feel good, and then after a few days you are wondering what has happened to you? Depression is a serious mental disorder, often a very severe form of human suffering, in comparison to many physical illnesses. After a while, one learns to live with depression. But it is a lot better to try to neutralize the RISK FACTORS, and remove the cause of depression.

Do you seem to suffer from any cold or flu, which affects your environment? I always seem to pick up every sickness that comes. Of course, who else but me? And do you often feel that you do not respond to treatment? Does it seem to you that the situation is even worse when it rains, or during the days of full moon? If so, it is very likely that because of GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS, your immune system is intensely weakened.

Do you feel as if you have prematurely aged? Are you often stiff? Do you have frequent problems of pain in the joints, muscles and spine? Or do you suffer from frequent allergic reactions or have asthma? It is likely that you have a problem with GEOPATHOGEN AND ELECTRICAL STRESS!

Have you become hyperactive, and are often aggressive? Do you feel that you're not what you've been up to recently?

Do you have problems with infertility or with frequent miscarriages? Are you longing for starting a family, but it seems that even the nature has turned against you? Anyway, it is very important not to ignore the harmful effects that the bad natural environment can have on your reproductive system, and now is the time to still do something about it, before it is too late.

Shorty, the possible consequences that are causing the GEOPATHOGENIC AND ELECTRICAL STRESS ARE:

  • - the feeling of lack of energy and chronic fatigue
  • - sleep disorder and poor concentration
  • - frequent headaches
  • - the sensations of pressure and heart burn
  • - nervousness, anxiety and restlessness
  • - accelerated aging of the skin
  • - hormonal disorders
  • - sweating
  • - buzzing and ringing in the ears
  • - common skin allergies, respiratory problems and Asthma

Why are the comments at forums often so negative in connection with the theme of – Protection from harmful radiatioin

There are various reasons.

On the free market there are products that claim to give protection, and have almost no, or almost no evidence that they indeed have a protective function. At the same time, protection from harmful radiation, and products used for the protection of the same, still are a great unknown factor, and in a certain way are "ON THE EDGE OF SCIENCE". For this reason there are all kinds of interpretations of the matter, and some people like to develop their own theory, and debate the issue.

Some people are simply born skeptics, some like to goof around just to kill time and the like.

There are people who when debating introduce themselves by their full name. They have their own personal view, and usually have good intentions, to bring out their opinion, and to protect the masses from pointless throwing away of money. Most of those people do not really believe that harmful radiation and their negative impacts exist, and so personally believe that the products for protection, are just selling some smoke. In some cases, they are totally right...

But the general view that there are no harmful radiation, and that due to the increasing technological revolution, there is no growing risk of joint influences of geopathogenic and electromagnetic radiation, is totally unacceptable.

THE WORLD'S HEALTH ORGANIZATION and modern medical science, more and more are paying attention to the body's energy, and to the external environmental factors, which negatively affect the human health.

But there is also a very dangerous group of people, which very aggressively, and in a very negative context, publicly call out the particular products under their real name, and the company that sells it, and are publicly downplaying people by name, that stand behind a specific program or company, but in fact only show their subjective opinion, without proper and compelling arguments.

Mostly, these people appear under false names, or have "nicknames". In such cases, you can clearly conclude that it is a targeted, revengeful attack usually of the competing companies, which are irritade by the "PRESENCE OF QUALITY PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET". Their AIM is to make use of public space, and do as much DAMAGE in distorting their reputation and their name.

It is important to recognize their motives, and not to take their comments for granted, but study the facts for yourselves and make your own conclusions. Of course, there are companies, people and products that do not deserve to be on the market. But the worst thing is when everything is thrown into one bag.

Do not forget to take into consideration that to irritate and do damage is much easier, then to patiently and persistently over the years create, build and invest, in order to give a considerable contribution and protection of the health and obtain a much needed contribution to the economy of our small and economically exhausted country.

Believe it or not, the fact is that because of the rapid progress of modern technology, the radiation around us today is 100-200.000.000 times stronger than it was 50 or more years ago. Whether we like it or not, we invest into the technology that surrounds us in order to make our life easier and more modern, and to keep up with modern changes.

Therefore, it is certainly necessary to consider whether it makes sense to do something in terms of protection of one's personal health and to make use modern technologies a minimal risk, but at the same time not to be encumbered, to enjoy the benefits that the development of new technologies brings.

Considering all the evidence of the excellent results of testing the protective effects of POZITRON PLUS, whether you believe it or not, it is better to protect yourself and your family, than to remain unprotected.