If you are under constant influence, months, years... gradually harmful effects of geopathogenic STRESS AND ELECTRICAL STRESS can lead to progressive deterioration of the health status of individuals who are exposed to such stress.


If you recognize yourself in any of the following cases, with the help of POZITRON PLUS you can significantly improve your personal situation in a few months up to a year of use.

Do you often wake up tired or suffer from insomnia? Or you can not fall asleep or you fall asleep briefly and then you wake up, but have difficulty falling asleep again. Do you feel like you are worn out. The most common cause of such a condition is GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS. If you take into consideration that the average person spends a third of their life in bed, you can quickly realize how important it is to feel well and protected in your own home.

Are you tired, irritated and everything is so hard? Have you heard about the syndrome of ill buildings? There can be many reasons, but for the most part the main reason lies in the ELECTRICAL STRESS AND GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS. Do you often have a cold, or often have a fever blister, or often suffer from similar health disorders? Is there great tension among colleagues at work and is there a loss of concentration on the job?

Frequent headaches? GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS AND ELECTRICAL STRESS are the most common causes of headache because you have been exposed too much time to pathological energies from your immediate environment.

Are you often in a sad mood, whining and depressed? One day you feel good, and then a few days you are wondering what has happened to you? Depression is a serious mental disorder, often a much more severe form of human suffering, in comparison to many physical illnesses. After a while, one learns to live with depression. But it is a lot better trying to neutralize the RISK FACTORS and remove the cause of depression.

Do you seem to suffer from every cold or flu which affects your environment? I always pick up every sickness that goes arround? Oh, who else, but me? And do you often feel that you do not respond to treatments? It seems to you that the situation is even worse when it rains, or when its a full moon? If that is so, it is very likely that the cause is GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS, which has severly weakened your immune system.

Do you feel as if you have prematurely aged? Often are too stiff? Do you have frequent problems with pain in the joints, muscles and spine? Or you suffer from frequent allergic reactions or have asthma? It is very likely that you suffer from GEOPATHOGENIC AND ELECTRICAL STRESS!

Have you become hyperactive, or are you often aggressive? Do you feel that you're not what you've been up to recently?

Do you have problems with infertility or with frequent miscarriages? Are you longing for starting your own family, but it seems to you, as if nature has conspired against you? Anyway, it is important not to ignore the harmful effects of bad natural environment that it can have on your reproductive system, now you can still do something about it, before it is too late.

To briefly enumerate the possible consequences, caused by GEOPATHOGENIC AND ELECTRICAL STRESS:

  • • sense of lack of energy and chronic fatigue
  • • sleep deprivation and poor concentration
  • • frequent headaches
  • • sensations of pressure and stinging around the heart
  • • nervousness, anxiety and restlessness
  • • accelerated skin aging
  • • hormonal disorders
  • • sweating
  • • buzzing and ringing in the ears
  • • common skin allergies, respiratory problems and Asthma illnesses

POZITRON PLUS – is an innovative, multi-purpose NANO - TECH PRODUCT, which by the physical principle of interference, neutralizes the harmful electromagnetic and geo-pathogenic radiation, and makes them compatible with the natural human frequencies.

There are several types of POZITRON PLUS. Some are placed in electrical appliances, and protect you from the harmful effect of that very device. There are also more sophisticated models, with which you can protect the entire apartment, house, office space, one room or the whole building, school or institution.

If you have a problem with the built-in REPEATER OF MOBILE SIGNALS on you or the neighboring buildings, we recommend that you talk with the NEIGHBORS AND THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE TENANTS and that POZITRON PLUS be placed on top of the building, below the REPEATER, and be financed from the common reserves. In that way you will neutralize a very strong source of ELECTRICAL STRESS, and on this point many people will benefit.

There is also a very practical and extremely effective way to protect a person - PERSONAL POZITRON PLUS. It is portable, and you carry it with you (in your pocket, purse, etc.), wherever you are. It represents a cheap and excellent long-term solution for the protection of each person.

You can do a combination with LARGER POZITRON (room, apartment, house, business premise), with several SMALLER POZITRON (place them in all mobile phones, laptops, tablets, fixed computers, LCD screens, electrical appliances - especially the microwave, WI-FI device and etc.) because they are mutually compatible.

Do not forget that with the help of POZITRON PLUS you can revitalize the energy of the room where you spend a lot of time, and that makes it a much more pleasant place to stay.

POZITRON PLUS HAS A MULTIPURPOSE THREEFOLD EFFECT – it neutralizes harmful GEOPATHOGENIC AND ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, a positive impact on the VEGETATIVE NEURAL SYSTEM of humans and animals (pets) and raises the total energy of the organism and REVITALIZES THE ENERGY SPACE.




POZITRON PLUS is almost certainly the most important investment that you can make in the prevention of your health and that of your family to have a safer, happier and healthier life. The product is very practical and easy to maintain. Simply place it in the desired area, or place the smaller unit into a cell phone or into some of the electrical devices, and you're protected.

Very soon after setting up of POZITRON PLUS (already within a few days, up to a month), you will discover a wide range of positive changes in your home or business environment.

Some people may feel an immediate energy boost, more vitality, and most of the various symptoms will fade and disappear. But sometimes it takes up to two or three months for residential or commercial property to be completely cleansed of the effects of GEOPATHOGENIC AND ELECTRICAL STRESS, and to see some concrete improvement in case of serious health problems insofar they were related to the same.

It is important to understand that something that has been occurring for years, CAN NOT JUST GO AWAY IMMEDIATELY, AS IF IT WERE A MAGIC WAND THAT ERASES IT OVERNIGHT! After all it takes a little time for a change for the better.


  • • a much better night's rest and sleep, you are more rested after a night's sleep
  • • feel that you have more energy, feel better
  • • become mentally sharper
  • • significantly increases the body's resistance to many diseases
  • • less likely to suffer from past illnesses
  • • a faster and better respond to the treatment process
  • • a greater ability to recover from chronic diseases
  • • become more peaceful, one's hyperactivity weakens
  • • feel greater harmony in family relationships
  • • significantly lessens the tension, aggression and bad moods in the business environment


POZITRON PLUS is not a substitute for necessary medical treatments, diagnostics and medicines. It is extremely important to continue regularly one's control and to consult with your FAMILY DOCTOR about all your medical problems, treatments and the like, which you MAY NOT IGNORE OR INTERRUPT!!!


The home is our most precious refuge. Therefore, it is important to feel healthy, happy and satiesfied in your residential area in every respect. Life in general passes by quickly, and the investment in one's protection is only a modest one, with which you will ensure yourself and your family a safer and healthier life.

You must have already felt this yourself that in some areas you feel comfortable, and in others you simply do not feel good. Therefore, it is especially IMPORTANT TO PROTECT YOUR HOME, the place where you will spend quite a large part of your life. To ensure yourselves a feeling of extreme living pleasure, a special harmony is necessary and a balanced energy in your home. Incorporating only POZITRON PLUS - living space (20 meters), you will neutralize a high percentage of harmful radiation, and you will ensure yourself and your family the revitalizing energy in your living space.


The term sick building syndrome, is often mentioned in the articles that deal with environmental issues in the business environment. GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS AND ELECTRICAL STRESS on this point, are the most common factors that are part of the problem. Working in an office is a very risky situation for your health, because it is there that you spend a lot of time (8-10 hours per day), and usually can not choose where you sit. There is very often present and very poor air circulation, which contributes to the spread of bacteria and viruses. There is a huge amount of wireless electronic devices and technical devices in the office, the seating position for which you do not know whether they are under the influence of GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS... So the risk of ELECTRICAL STRESS AND GEOPATHOGENIC STRESS is very high.

With the mounting of a single POZITRON PLUS – business premises (20 meters), you will neutralize the vast majority of harmful radiation. At the same time, very soon there will be a revitalization of the energy in the business area, the business results will improve and a well-being of employees, higher concentrations of employees, stronger efficiency and creativity of the staff. To this will contribute the much smaller number of employee absences from work due to the lower amount of illnesses.

The effects of POZITRON PLUS on the employee productivity are: less headaches, better concentration, less tension in relationships and significantly less sick leave.

If you can not talk to your superiors about installing of POZITRON PLUS – BUSINESS PREMISES, THE SOLUTION FOR YOU - POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL (3 meters), and no one has to know that it is on you. Occasionally take it out of your pocket, purse or wallet, and hold it for a few minutes during the day in your hand next to the body, then let it stand on the desk while working.