For all drivers, who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, we recommend installing the NANO-TECH protection in the interior of the vehicle. The protection is ideal for all drivers of:

  3. • TRUCKS
  4. • BUSES
  5. • TRAINS
  6. • TRAMS
  7. • PLANES and etc...

Into the average car there are anywhere from 3000 to 8000 meters of cables and wires built in, mass electronics, bluetooth systems for freehands - free usage of mobile phones, GPS navigation, LCD screens and the like.
In vehicles of all types, ELECTRIC STRESS is predominantly represented, which affects the loss of concentration, tension and chronic fatigue. For this group of users, we have developed the POZITRON PLUS - AUTO NEUTRALISER, which will neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation in the vehicle and will allow a more relaxed and safer driving. At the same time it fills the space of the vehicle with positive frequencies, and raises the energy of drivers to a positive impact on his autonomic neural system.

AUTO NEUTRALISER operates within a radius of 2.5 meters. Its sustainability is around 10 years. Simply put in the space by the transmission (in the open position, close to the driver). It is important to bear in mind that you never cover it up with other objects, and that it is not exposed to the summer heat or to the direct impact of the sun.